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Jet-Coconut-Antique African Brass-Leather Necklace

Statement necklace woven with leather.......combining bold jet pieces, coconut and antique african brass - 44" long can be single or double looped.......

Our Price: $195.00
Raw Amber-Mammoth Tusk-Whale Bones-Antique African Brass Necklace

Raw Amber-Wood-Mammoth Tusk-Whale Bone-Antique African Brass Necklace - 18"n + extension.  A simple historical statement!

Our Price: $295.00
Druzy-Fossilized Walrus Bone-Antique African Silver-Copper Chain Necklace

Round Druzy-Fossilized Walrus Bone-Antique African Silver-Granite-Copper Chain Necklace - 42"

Our Price: $295.00
Fossil Necklace

Ammonite - Druzy - Antique African Silver - Fossilized Walrus Bone - Tibetan Medallion - Leather

Our Price: $325.00
Fossil Necklace

Ammonite - Afganistan Coins - Antique African Silver Pendants - African Wedding Beads - Ceramic

Our Price: $350.00
Ammonite-Raw Crystal-Antique African Brass and Chain Necklace

Artful statement with natural elements of the earth.  Striking piece for any outfit!

Our Price: $350.00
Fossil Necklace

Mammoth Tusk - Turquoise - Onyx - Brass

Our Price: $350.00
Mammoth Tusk-Raw Amber-Copper-Agate Necklace

Love this statement......I love mammoth tusk, dino bone leather.......a cave woman princess living in a modern day world!!!!!!!!

Our Price: $395.00
Fossil Necklace

Mammoth Tusk - Fossilized Walrus Bone - Antique African Silver - Glass - Wire Wrapping

Our Price: $450.00
antique african brass and leather necklace Mammoth Tusk-Zebra Stone-Antique African Brass-Leather Necklace

Make a statement of mammoth proportions with leather and antique African Brass.  11" with adjustable extender..

Our Price: $450.00

Unique Necklaces for Women

Shopping for unusual necklaces to add to your jewelry collection? You’ve come to the right place! Our fossilized necklaces are gorgeous, unique pieces that you’ll be proud to show off. You’ll love the versatility of these pieces — they transition from work to cocktail parties with ease. These statement pieces are made with some of the most unusual materials available, from carnelian and raw amber to druzy and horn, meaning that you’ll have a necklace that’s a true piece of art.

Exceptional Necklaces for Exceptional Women

At Allie-Coosh, we believe that every woman deserves necklaces that are as unique as she is. That’s why we design these stunning unique necklaces for women. Take a look around and you’re bound to find a necklace that speaks to you and fits your style perfectly. If you’re in the area, come check out our store in the University Park neighborhood in Dallas.